Before you downplay your own pain too much, keep in mind that nobody knows how much somebody else is hurting. I'm reminded of my father's words of consolation to me as a child, "Shut up or I'll really give you something to cry about." I thought at the time, and still think now, that I did have something to cry about, and I think maybe you do too.

Pain is nature’s way of letting us know that we’ve been injured, and we might need to take care of ourselves. This goes for emotional pain as well as physical. That’s not the same as feeling sorry for ourselves. It means that when my back gives me that special sort of twinge, today is not a good day to shovel wood chips. It means that if I get an email that makes my eyes start to water, maybe I need to lie on the couch for a minute and listen to a great songwriter and feel a little less alone.

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Since you've written about artists close to you (last blog) or a little further way (this blog), I expect next blog to explain why Taylor Swift rules them all.

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Post-show, Syracuse, 11/13/96:

Homeless gentleman, one of several there as Springsteen's guest: "Bruce, were you in 'Nam?"

Bruce: "No, no I wasn't. I knew some guys who were."

Homeless gentleman: "Well, it seems like you were."

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